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Samyak Kalansh Pratishthan , we are grateful for the support of our generous sponsors and dedicated partners. Together, we work to make a meaningful impact in the lives of homeless women and children who have endured abuse. Our sponsors and partners play a vital role in helping us provide essential services and support to those in need.
Empower hope with your generous endowment donation to Samyak Kalansh Pratishthan. By contributing to our organization, you become a catalyst for positive change, fostering a community where aspiring artists are empowered to dream, create, and succeed. Your support allows us to provide scholarships, enhance our programs, and expand accessibility to arts education for individuals from diverse backgrounds.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Financial Sponsorship

Your financial support enables us to expand our programs, reach more families in need, and provide essential resources and services.

In-Kind Donations

In-kind contributions such as goods, services, and expertise are invaluable in supporting our programs and operations.

Corporate Partnerships

Collaborative partnerships with businesses and organizations help us raise awareness, access resources, and create sustainable solutions for our clients.

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If you are interested in becoming a sponsor or partner of Samyak Kalansh Pratishthan , please fill out the form below to express your interest. Our team will reach out to discuss potential opportunities for collaboration and the positive impact your support can have on the lives of those we serve.